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Baner reklamowy:

To our Irish Friends

Warszawa, 11 October 2002

It is with great surprise that the Polish public found out that the Irish people, who already expressed their opinion on the Nice Treaty are once again being asked the same question in a referendum. It would appear that the will of nations expressed in referenda is acceptable by the European Union\'s leaders only when it confirms their fixed ideas.

We do not intend to tell the Irish what to do in their own country. The only thing we would want for you is that the governing of Ireland remains in the hands of the Irish people. We are writing to you because we know that a substantial part of your internal debate on Nice concerns whether a rejection will stop the process of EU enlargement. We are writing because we know that EU leaders and promoters distort the truth about the Union\\\'s matters in all EU countries.

It is not that nations of so-called candidate countries do nothing apart from dreaming of membership of the EU. A large number of Poles are opposed to our state\\\'s accession to the Union. We want a sovereign Poland. We do not want to shift a former dependence on Moscow to a new one in Brussels. The capital in Warsaw is more than enough for us. Unfortunately, euro-fanatics have not allowed, so far, an EU referendum despite the fact that a motion on the matter was placed in the Polish parliament. They spread it all around Europe that the majority of Poles are \\"in favour\\" of the EU, but they do not risk checking this.

Maybe it will surprise the Irish but if Poland is pushed through the EU, we will have to pay for this \\"business\\". Have you been informed of that? How would the Irish respond, for example, to a proposal to grant Irish farmers only 25 per cent of those direct payments for agriculture that farmers of other EU member states receive? And exactly this is offered by allegedly \\"most friendly\\" oriented to Poland representatives of the Union. What do you think Poland\\\'s feels about that? There are, unfortunately, too many such examples.

Here, in Poland, euro-fanatics claim that Ireland is in debt to the EU for its whole
welfare, without which it would be a country of poverty. You probably have your own opinion on this. Even if it is your greatest Irish dream to adopt the Treaty of Nice and enlarge the EU afterwards, we hereby ask you not to do it in order to help Poland.

With our utmost respect and kind regards to the Irish nation who often experienced the same history as Poland.

Members of the Parliament of the Republic of Poland:
Jan Lopuszanski
Stanislaw Szyszkowski
Halina Nowina Konopka
Mariusz Grabowski
Andrzej Manka
Ewa Kantor
Jozef Skowyra
Piotr Krutul
Anna Sobecka
Gertruda Szumska
Jerzy Czerwinski
Witold Tomczak
Robert Lusnia
Krystyna Grabicka
Urszula Krupa
Halina Szustak
Zofia Gerarda Krasicka-Domka
Leszek Murzyn
Antoni Stryjewski
Stanislaw Papiez

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